Featured Artist

Name: Lola D’Vine (Courtney Bratlien)

Age: 40

Place of Birth:  Williston, ND

Every artist gets to choose a local non-profit that a portion of their sales can go towards! What non-profit have you chosen and why?

I chose Bras for a Cause. Cancer sucks and I know so many good people and families who have been affected in some way by it. Myself included. I had an aunt pass away from breast cancer, and my mother battled it as well. My father passed from lung cancer, and I have friends that are currently dealing with this horrible disease. I love what this organization does. I’ve been to their events and I’ve donated art to their events. I feel they represent hope and the ability to rally together as humans to make a positive change for the people of our community that have to deal with such a burden and I’m all about helping people and bringing more love and positivity in our crazy world!

Tell us about your life today! Your family, your job, your hobbies!

Oh boy, where do I even begin! I could write a book. I’m lucky enough to do what I love as a career. My art has opened up so many doors and opportunities! Not only do I have all of my creative works and originals available in various places as well as online, but my fiance’ is from Georgia so my work has spread down there as well! We also created an apparel line called Stain’d Apparel that has grown like crazy down South with our Southern Stain’d line of shirts and hats and we are working on our local line as well which features our 10k Down logo and many more designs in process.

I also love photography which I consider a hobby and music! I spend many evenings behind my guitar or at my piano. My mom and I recently put all the equipment together to bring back some of my Grandmother’s ceramics and we have been pouring and opening molds that haven’t been touched in 35 years, so that’s definitely been a recent adventure!

My most favorite job, however, is being a mother! I love my big family and there is always so much love, support, adventure, and memories that I couldn’t imagine life any other way! My children are all so talented and respectful. I’m so proud of who they are all becoming. Of course, I could never do all of this without my sidekick and best friend Cory. He is most definitely the reason my art has become successful. He pushed me to finally take a leap of faith, and I’m so grateful for him!

Tell us about the pieces you are hanging at the River’s Edge? Why did you choose these? Do they represent anything?

I picked my favorites to hang.

I have a full-size print of my “Wading Moose” that is currently hanging in our airport.

I have my bestseller “Freedom” which is a highly emotional piece that was inspired by the sacrifice of all the men and women who serve our country.

There is a piece called “The Guardian” which was inspired by the standstill that happened in March of 2020. I’d never seen the pumpjacks all at a standstill, and it was eerie when all the midnight flares went out. It was a rough time for our community and I wanted to create a piece the represented hope in that moment.
I also have my newest Elk Antler original up as well.

Those are just a few of them.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration for the art you create and why?

I pull most of my inspiration from nature and wildlife as well as added abstract elements.  I need a finished piece to create an emotion.  I want the viewer to feel something, or it’s not ready.  I like to play with creative colors and textures as well as different mediums and my end goal is always to create a connection to a memory, event, or emotion for whoever the viewer may be.

What are your goals and ideas for the future when it comes to your art?

We have actively been working on getting into galleries and specialty stores.  I’ve been having a lot of success in Georgia due to it being a more metropolitan state.  I have more avenues to venture into, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aiming for a more widespread network up here!  I’d love to see my artwork in more of our beautiful state’s great places!  I’m going to keep pushing to hang it anywhere that’ll have me!  I also would like to branch out more with my apparel designs.  Being a former tattoo artist, I feel like I have a unique take on how colors, bold lines, fonts, etc. can go together to create great design!

Can people contact you to contract pieces?

People can absolutely contact me.  I do take on a limited number of commission pieces.  Because I get a lot of inquiries in this area, I do have a waiting list that sits out about 4 months.  I’ve had to limit what type of art pieces I take on to keep my business flowing so I always see if it’s something that will be a good fit and if I can’t help you with what you’re looking for, I have many great contacts and artists that I will gladly recommend!

Final thoughts or comments?

People always ask about the name. Lola D’vine was my roller derby name from back in the day. You have a name and you even register it! I guess when I started tattooing it just stuck, so from now on it’s become my business and my pen name. I’ll answer to either lol.

Also thank you for giving me the opportunity to showcase my art in your wonderful business! Cory and I are huge fans of the River’s Edge and we love what y’all bring to our community!

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