Totally Rad 80’s Prom Murder Mystery

April 22 | Win Prizes & Cash


Turkey Bingo

Come out to River’s Edge Bar & Grill to join the game!

7 PM: Social hour, picture booth opportunity, etc. The back event area will be closed to the public during social hour and gameplay!
8 PM: The Murder Mystery game begins!
10 PM: 80’s LIVE DJ event with D-Jaden (open to the public)

Grab a few friends and get ready for the murder mystery of the year! Even if you don’t want to have a character, but still attend, sign up for a “Silent Character” and watch the mystery unfold around you!

Sign-ups and payment are required for this evening.

Game Details

With their high school career coming to an end, the students of Mayhem High find themselves battling it out over grades, popularity, affection, class rankings and what they all have been focused on for years…who will be awarded the prom king and queen title?

Will it be the class president who is looking to extend his reign past the student council? The pom-pom captain who has used her moves to land more than the prom court nomination? Or possibly the math team captain who is desperate to make his name in something other than academics?

As the night unfolds, the royalty will be rewarded and an innocent life will be claimed.
From the preppie to the punk rocker, the jock to the jilted — all are suspected although only one is to blame.
Can you find the culprit in this crazy madness that is filled with neon, naughtiness and narcissistic behavior?


Character Cost: 

$25 includes character details and packet, and your first drink is on us! 

Silent Character Cost: 

$15 includes admittance to the event and your first drink is on us. The Silent Characters still want to attend and watch the mystery unfold, but don’t want to have a specific character assignment. The Silent Characters are welcome to still dress up – most of the time, the people who are Silent Characters end up being the most vocal people during play and say “I should have just been a character!” Choose wisely! Only 8 Silent Characters are allowed for this evening. 

Once you are signed up, you will receive a packet with your character descriptions and details. We must have 20+ characters to play and we will ONLY be accepting sign-ups until April 18th. Sign-up and payment are required before receiving character descriptions. The character descriptions will include how your character should dress, act, and maybe even have some preliminary clues for the evening! 


Prizes will be given away for best outfit/costume, biggest hair, Prom King and Queen, and more! 

This is one TUBULAR party you don’t want to miss!

***If you do not receive an email after signing up please reach out to ashleyoyloe@gmail.com to receive the details.

Are you ready for A TOTALLY RAD TIME?

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